We are specialized in the areas of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, process development and special machines.

Due to in-house tool manufacturing, our Company is independent of external suppliers and milling workers. Therefore, we are enormous flexible, e.g. in the adaptation of single contours in the tool.


Due to the practical experience due to the combination of our Contract Manufacturing as well as Mechanical Engineering and the good cooperation with manufacturers of coating materials, we have the possibility to pass a turnkey solution to the costumer, irrespective whether the client buys the machine or uses the conformal coating as a service.

Behind this solution stands the understanding that the construction of a production system is realised the cheapest, the fastest and the most efficient way when it is supported by skilled staff with experience – within a working infrastructure.
We work closely together with the market. That means that all useful clients‘ developments flow into the further technical development of the machines which we also apply in our coating centres.


We support you from the design phase to the batch production for your special to type coating machine:

Coating machine three dimensional drawing

  • Construction and commissioning of coating machines (fully and semi-automatic)
  • Construction of tools and equipment

coating special to type machine

More information about our coating plants: