Coating is  realised during contract manufacturing as subcontractor with our own  machines


  • Cleaning the PCBs before coating
  • All round conformal coating of one or double sided PCBs, hybrid circuits and components by dip coating
  • Technical consulting and design support
  • Project and development studies to determine the optimal parameter of cleaning, material and procedure
  • Pilot runs, test series and release series before the purchase of a coating machine
  • Surface treatment with water-repellent materials (surface modifier)
  • Two component thick film coating and potting
  • Micro coating
  • Customized process development and construction of coating machines


  • Conformal coating via dipping
  • Spraying
  • Select Flood coating (automatic selective coating of PCBs)
  • Potting in the case, in a frame or in a form and finished casting

Please find more information about this on the page Coating.


Coating electronic components like electronic boards in contract manufacturing

Coating Electronic Boards Coating Electronic Boards


Due to many years of experience in contract manufacturing, BMB Coating has gathered a lot of know-how in contract manufacturing and is able to support operators in all areas concerning coating electronic boards.

We have developed manufacturing processes to guarantee you best economic efficiency and highest quality standards at the same time.

As process developer and subcontractor, we collaborate closely with the manufacturers of coating materials in order to develop technical and economical optimized machines.

Our Coating Company does not only give advices regarding to c0nformal coating of components and boards, we also develop a solution with you. This can be a service at BMB or take place in your company as a complete elaborated process including the coating machine.


Advantages of BMB The Coating Company GmbH as service provider:

  • No investment and capital commitment
  • Profitability with small to medium sized quantities
  • No additional skilled staff necessary
  • BMB has a profound and broad knowledge due to different requirements of our clients
  • Due to high and optimum capacities of the machines you benefit in terms of cost and scheduling
  • BMB has been certified since 2009 according to ISO 9001:2008

In principle, all different kinds of boards and components that need a protection can be coated by BMB The Coating Company GmbH.

It is irrelevant what kind of components are used (whether the electronic sector or other areas like e.g. precision engineering, machine engineering), because BMB The Coating Company GmbH is able to offer you machines and special purpose machines adapted to particular conditions due to their modular design.