During the coating process we use different kinds of lacquer and casting compounds. Some of these lacquers contain contaminating substances in form of solvents such as aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, acetates or oximes.

As quality, benefit and profitability of the coating have to meet the high requirements of our clients to receive the required functions, we cannot adapt all lacquers to environmental criteria. But we make efforts to reduce the environmental pollution and to look for alternative raw materials.

Therefore it is necessary to optimize the production process and to keep the consumption as low as possible using economic operation methods.

coating process select flood coating machine

Our aim is to use completely the raw materials during the coating process, that means, to use 100% during the coating process and produce consequently no waste.

As mentioned above, the patented Select Flood process is an additive coating process. Surplus lacquer is returned to the dip bath so that it can be used again in the next coating process.

All hazardous materials are professionally stored in special designed repository.

Contamination of groundwater and soil is excluded.

In order to clean the boards we use biodegradable detergents that can be disposed through the sewage system without hesitation.
Except for this process, there arises no further sewage during the production.
We want to demonstrate that ecology and profit don’t exclude each other.


  • No contamination of groundwater or soil because we dispose all lacquers professionally
  • No operational emissions to the environment, but diversion through the exhaustion systems
  • Biodegradable detergents to clean the PCBs which can be disposed through the sewage system without hesitation
  • Professional storing of all hazardous materials in a repository
  • Return of the material to the dip bath during the coating process (purely additive process)
  • No waste = no costs